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      Feature Story: One feature story of textile industry of each issue.
      Market Focus : One market focus of textile industry of each issue.
      Machinery Technology : Specific categories of textile equipment will be featured in this column with focus on the aspects of technological capabilities, applications, research and development.
      Material Technology : The column reports on new developments of specific materials and chemicals for the manufacturing of textile products, the production processes involved and also the technologies for products with special functions.

      Nonwovens / Technical Textiles : This column contains feature articles on advanced technology, processes and applications in the nonwovens and technical textiles sectors.  End-user products and their market developments will also be covered.

      纺织及成衣(亚洲版) 的媒体介绍

      Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel (ATA) published since 1990, 6 issues a year in English.  ATA features a dazzling array of articles, covering insightful global market information, technology and product news, marketing solutions and strategies, and latest management intelligence.  The magazines are distributed free to qualified professionals and decision-makers in the industry.  Besides, we co-operate with organizers for representative textile and apparel exhibitions and seminars in China and Asia Pacific Region, acting as the medium to publish their Extras or promotional materials.

      Controlled Circulation: 16,226 (Bimonthly in English)

      Interactive Circulation System:
      Circulation portfolio of each issue is subject to:
      1. Editorial focus
      2. Advertisers’ target reader sectors
      3. Special & relevant distribution channels such as distribution at trade shows / conferences & seminars / trade and industry associations’ members

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      ATA - Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel (ATA) is a unique trade magazine on the textile and apparel industry, with circulation in Asia. By delivering the latest trade information, market analysis, as well as up-to-date industrial technology to our readers, ATA is dedicated to providing our professional services to help our corporate clients achieve more business opportunities, devise marketing strategies, and make efficient product and operation decisions.

      登记的读者将自动成为 "雅式网络 / 2456.com" 的会员, 并会每星期以电邮方式收取雅式最新展览会资料及行业信息。


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